5 international series on Netflix if you loved Squid Games 

On 17th September 2021, Netflix dropped a new South Korean series named ‘Squid Games’. The day it came on Netflix, the world was taken by storm. Even Netflix couldn’t have predicted the success this series will enjoy. The nine-episode drama about games and survival was streamed by 142 million subscribers. They binge-watched this show making it the first Korean drama to top the chart on Netflix throughout the globe.

We are sure that just like us, you too loved Squid Games, and if you loved watching this show, there are many international shows that you should undoubtedly binge-watch on your next weekend on Netflix. Yes, there are tons of incredible international shows similar to squid games and different genres that will make you fall in love with non-English shows. For instance, “Crash Landing on You” was one of the most-watched Korean shows in 2019. You can say that it started the love affair that people have for K-Drama.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at these impressive shows. They will surely keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. 

Hellbound (2021)

The first thing to know about Hellbound is that it is not the second Squid Game. The only similarity between the two shows is that they are K-dramas produced by Netflix. The similarities end here! But don’t get disheartened because Hellbound is a terrific show which will keep you fully engrossed. Let’s learn more about it:

Synopsis: Hellbound is a gripping story that shows the sudden appearance of otherworldly beings who came to earth to issue a decree and condemn their people to hell. These events lead to chaos, and a new religious group ‘The New Truth’ grows in popularity. Its continuous rise and work make a few people suspicious of this group who wonder if they are behind these mysterious events. To know if they are behind this or some other supernatural being, start watching it now on Netflix.

Verdict: Penned and directed by Yeon Sang-Ho, the director of ‘Train to Busan’, you should be assured that you are in for a treat. The writing and direction are impeccable, and every twist is unexpected. If the opening scene convinces you that it’s a supernatural story, the next scene throws you into a police procedural, and the punches keep coming.

Every actor performs their best as characters who have to fight inner ethical battles while also fighting a war. The seven-episode series is owned by every actor. However, the ones who shine the most are- Yang Ik-June and Kim Hyun-Joo. The script is impressive and keeps you engaged in a well-paced thriller. So, enjoy this new offering from Netflix without comparing it to Squid Games.

Rating: 4/5

Signal (2016)

The show has an IMDB rating of 8.6, which is pretty impressive, and that is why we are mentioning this show in this list. It is another K-drama, which is brilliant. It is suspenseful, emotional, and has something for all sci-fi lovers. Let’s learn more about it:

Synopsis: The series follows the story of a criminal profiler in 2015, Park Hae Yeong, who finds a walkie-talkie that allows him to contact and communicate with a detective in the year 1989. Together they solve cases while fighting inner demons and Yeong’s distrust of the system he works for. It is an exciting show to watch and might be the next show you binge-watch.

Verdict: The 16-episode series is quite engaging, and the whole credit goes to the cast, writing, and direction. A well-paced story that builds suspense and makes for an exciting watch. The main characters are played by Lee Jee-Hoon, Kim Hye-soo, and Cho Jin-Woong and are masters in their credits. If you love thrillers and are addicted to K-dramas, do not miss this show!

Rating: 3.5/5

Alice in Borderline (2020)

Netflix has an extensive range of thriller shows, movies, and one of the best ones in this genre is this Japanese series, ‘Alice in Borderline.’ It is a post-apocalyptic drama that keeps you on edge with every scene. The survival drama will have you biting your nails at every scene. Let’s learn more about this:

Synopsis: The premise of the series is simple ‘play the game to win, or you die.’ This Japanese series follows two friends who are addicted to video games suddenly finds them in a parallel universe. Here they have to play games to get back to their reality. The friends don’t have to compete with each other, but every game and violence that comes their way tests their friendship.

Verdict: The direction and writing are perfect, making this a treat to watch. However, what blows your mind is the visuals. They are surreal and make you feel like you are at the location itself. Furthermore, the characters and the actors playing them are so well-defined that you don’t feel bored even for a minute.

If you loved Squid Games, checking this thriller out should be on your do-to-list. It is full of suspense with an impeccable story, gory scenes, violence, and some of the best acting. Also, you get to learn some more about Japanese culture, which is mindblowing.

Rating: 4/5

My Name (2021)

Another K-drama, but unlike others on this list, it is not a supernatural show or a series about games and survival. It is a crime-thriller and revenge drama. It is a perfect show to binge on this weekend. Let’s learn more about this:

Synopsis: The story follows a young woman, Jiwoo, who wants revenge after her father is murdered. For the same, she joins a drug cartel and becomes a mole in the police force to find the truth. Does she find the truth? Or will the harsh realities of taking revenge take a toll on her? And what will she uncover after she starts on this treacherous and dangerous path?Does she find the truth or does the harsh truth convince her to stop her vengeance journey?

Verdict: For this show, we will focus more on other aspects rather than direction and writing (they are perfect!). Let’s talk about the plot twist. They are exciting, and each one of them will leave you shocked. Also, its action scenes work in its favour. They are impressive and leave a mark on the viewer. Last but not least, the issues this show talks about are something our society globally is facing, making it worth a watch.

Talking about the actress playing Jiwoo, it’s none other than Han So Hee, a marvellous Korean actress known for many shows. Her acting is top-notch, and the action scenes are immensely captivating. The other actors, Ahn Bo Hyun, the male lead, and Park Hee Soon, the head of the drug ring are just as impressive with their acting skills.

Rating: 4.5/5

Sweet Home

The last series on our list is again a K-drama which is a perfect blend of gory, thrill, games, dark, and fantasy. It is a perfect series to watch if you want something on the lines of Squid Games, but not too similar.

Synopsis: The series follows a group of people trapped inside a house while the outside world turns into monsters. The monsters are surprisingly a reflection of the inner demons of the inmates of the house. There are great action sequences and interpersonal drama, which makes for an enjoyable watch.

Verdict: The premise of the show is not new. However, it makes a mark through the monsters and settings the show has to offer. The actors are great with Lee Si-young turning out to be the best and having an impressive character arc. If you live survival dramas, you should stream this 10-episode series now.

Rating: 3/5

Bingeing on TV series is part of our weekends. So, why not watch something engaging, exciting, and different from what we have been watching for a long time? These other language shows are impeccable. It also gives us a sneak-peak into their culture. It is one of the best things about watching a show of a different language and country. Isn’t it? These are some of our picks. Are there some other shows that you think are great, and we are missing out on them? Yes? Then do comment the same below and also tell us who was your favourite in Squid Games?