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7 Facts About Yvette Monreal: Rambo Star: Last Blood and Stargirl

7 Facts About Yvette Monreal: Rambo Star: Last Blood and Stargirl

Freddy Miares – American actor who plays the role of Raymond Santana in the famous Netflix mini-series When They See Us. He plays one of five falsely accused men who were arrested for the assault and murder of a woman in Central Park, New York.

Here are seven facts about Freddy Miarez:

7. Career break like Raymond Santana in year when they see us

The career of Freddy Miarez, who is already starting, has been moved to the stratosphere as Raymond Santana Jr. in the miniseries Netflix, under the name Raymond Santana Jr. if you see us.

About a group of 5 coloured men who were falsely convicted of sexual assault and murder in the so-calledRunner case in Central Park in 1989, the mini-series was very well received by critics and nominated for 11 Emmy Primetime Awards.

The mini-series included Jarrell Jerome, Asante Black, Vera Farmiga, Giovanni Adepo, Felicity Huffman, Michael C. Williams, Logan Marshall Green, Joshua Jackson, Marquis Rodriguez and Blair Underwoodand others.

6. Beginning in a contemporary drama by Sherlock Holmes, Elementary

Miyarez began his career as a professional actor in the modern interpretation of Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes’ crime novel.

In the series Miyarez Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Lee Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Joan Watson play. Javi plays the leading role in the episode Through the Fog 2018.

5. Sergeant Alejandr Ximenez played Code

After receiving criticism of his role as Javi in Elementary, he took advantage of his fame by taking on the role of Sergeant Alejandr Ximenez in CBS ‘s military drama The Code.

It appeared in 2019 in episode above the knee .

4. It is located on Instagram.

Freddy Miyarez is nicknamed on Instagram @freddymiyares, and from March 2020 he is next on the fixed 218.2k.

7 Facts About Yvette Monreal: Rambo Star: Last Blood and Stargirl

The young Freddy Miares with his mother and older sister Quelle: Instagram @freddymiyares

He often comes to Instagram to publish images related to his professional and personal life.

3. He is 27 years old,.

Freddy Mayares was killed on the 26th. Born October 1992 in Miami, Florida. Born in Miami at the age of 5’11, he attended the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre in 2017.

2. Played Jose Garcia in Word to L: Generation Q

Miyarez played the recurring character of Jose Garcia in Showtime, L: The word. Generation Q.

7 Facts About Yvette Monreal: Rambo Star: Last Blood and Stargirl

Freddy Miarez as Jose Garcia in the L-word: Generation Q
Source : IMDb

The sequel to the drama series Word L, first season, took place at 8. December 2019 in the air. Miyarez appeared in seven of the eight episodes of the drama series.

1. Estimated net value of $300,000

Since Miyarez only made his professional debut as an actor in 2018, he currently has only 5 acting titles to his name. But the roles he played are among the best known. It started in 2018 in episode Elementary. Then appeared in episode the code for entering the famous Netflix miniseries, When they see us.

From March 2020, Miyaresa’s net assets are estimated at approximately $300,000.



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