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Actress, Ursula Whittaker has been married to actor Oscar Nunez since 2011.

Actress, Ursula Whittaker has been married to actor Oscar Nunez since 2011.

Tracy McCull , an American journalist from Channel , currently works as a presenter and reporter for several news channels. Recently it was shown with Bill Martin in the main news programs 5 and 10pm on the news channel Fox 8 . Prior to joining Fox News Channel, she worked for two years as a reporter and presenter for WSYX TV and WTTE TV in Columbus, Ohio.

The talented and beautiful journalist Tracy was born on the 6th. April 9, 2009, birth in the McCall family of America. Information about his exact year of birth, his parents and siblings are always in the spotlight. Tracy also graduated from Copley High School, , and went on to Kent State University, , , where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio News.

Living in the marriage of Tracy McCull to John Cook

Tracy, an American journalist, is a happily married woman who shared her marriage vows with MMA Veteran John Cook to on December 21, 2002,. The wedding ceremony took place in a private church to which only the groom and the bride were invited. Although the ceremony was secret, they seem to be happy about it.

Actress, Ursula Whittaker has been married to actor Oscar Nunez since 2011.

Tracy McCull and her husband, John Cook
Source: Instagram @tracymccool

Before we knew it, John and Tracy were together. They’ve been in a relationship since high school. The current couple first found love when they were together at Copley High School in Copley, Ohio.

Now McCull lives happily with her husband; the two also seem very happy in their marital relationship. Not only were they seen romantically, even in public places, but they did not hesitate to publish their photos on their official social sites.

Execution of parental responsibility Good

Journalist McCul and martial arts master John are now the blessed parents of their two beautiful children. The couple became single parents for the first time in 28. August 2006and shared a child, a daughter, Cassidy Cook. It seems that Cassidy will continue her career in the dance field, because at the moment she is 13 years old, she is and she participates in many dance shows.

Actress, Ursula Whittaker has been married to actor Oscar Nunez since 2011.

Tracy McCull’s husband and two cute kids.
Source: Instagram @tracymccool

The couple also share their second child, the son, Carter Cook to on 24. October 2007. As of 2019 he is 12 years old, , and can often be seen on many updated messages from his mother in his official Instagram account.

Not only his daughter Cassidy, but also his son Carter seem to be smart, because in most cases he attracts attention when he plays a lot of outdoor games at a young age.

Tracy’s husband John, cancer victim.

John Cook leads an unhealthy life as a victim of severe bowel cancer. With him on . October 2018Phase 4 colorectal cancer diagnosed. John is treated at the Cleveland Clinic Cancer Centre in Taussiga under the supervision of medical specialists.

Follow Tracy and John’s message!

Her husband’s situation hurt Tracy, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t care about her husband. She spends most of her free time loving and supporting her sick love partner.

Net value and income

The director and reporter Tracy earns a lot of money from his work. As co-head of a popular news channel, Fox 8 news, Mccool earns an average of $ $72952 a year. For example, Tracy McCull has net assets of $1.5 million, , which is comparable to another journalist, Hannah Flood.

Unlike his wife, John Cook has an estimated value of $ to $100,000, which he acquired during his professional career as an MMA fighter. In addition, Mixed Martial Arts Master earns $45,000 per year. For example, a former player, Cook, may have received the same prize every year during his career.

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