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American actress, Kristin Davis is the single mother of two adopted children

American actress, Kristin Davis is the single mother of two adopted children

Christa Vicentin is better known as the wife of David Vicentin, a Canadian real estate agent and television presenter. Visentin hosts Love It of List It on HGTV with co-host Hilary Farr. Despite the fact that Krista is married to a TV star, she is far from the centre of attention. His love for privacy made David’s fan even more curious about his home.

Christa is a Canadian citizen and knows that she shares her son Logan Vicentin with her husband David and currently lives in Barry, Ontario. Like Christa, her son has never been on stage with his famous father. Jean Currivan Trebek is another eminent woman who is the wife of a Canadian-American television personality, Alex Trebek.

Husband David Krista is a popular TV presenter.

David was killed on the 28th. Born in June 1965 in Toronto, Ontario, he is known in the series Love It of List It. He started his career in 1997, first as a real estate agent. He then worked for Country Realty , a company based in Rosemont, Ontario.

David’s father, Nick Vicentin, was also a real estate agent and taught him how to work with him. Finally, David has been helping his clients find a suitable home for 16 years and has qualified as a real estate agent.

American actress, Kristin Davis is the single mother of two adopted children

Christa (left) with David and Love It of List It, co-organised by Hillary (right) in a television studio.

In addition to his career, David wanted to make a career in television to exploit his hidden talents. In 2008 David listened to Love It of List It with W Networks connected to HGTV and signed a contract for this show and made his debut as a TV presenter. He and his roommate Hillary convince homeowners to move out of their house or put it on the list.

A Byzantine couple Scarselli talk about their married life

Unlike Krista, David is more active in social networks, with more than 12,600 and 32,400 followers on Instagram and Twitter respectively. But he also talks less about his married life with his fans and supporters.

American actress, Kristin Davis is the single mother of two adopted children

Christa rarely appears in public with her husband David.

David mainly promotes his show Love It of List It and usually performs with Hilary at his side. Krista seems afraid of what critics and backbenchers say about her personal life.

American actress, Kristin Davis is the single mother of two adopted children

David posted this selfish information about himself and Krista on Twitter on New Year’s Day 2017.
Source: David Vicentin/Tweet

Krista likes to stay away from the paparazzi. Moreover, a Byzantine couple, who have been married for more than ten years, protect their only son Logan.

What is Christa’s wealth?

The net worth of the famous woman Krista is estimated at 1 million. Her professional career remains a mystery to outsiders, but the comfortable and very useful life of the Vicentin family suggests that she has a decent salary and income.

The watch with Krista’s husband in Love it or Note it:

Similarly, her husband David receives over $ $45,441 a year for his real estate business and over $ $23,000 for episode Love It of List It. In addition, co-organizer David Hillary has a huge net value of $ 7 million.

Filmography of Krista’s husband

The net value of Canadian actor and broker David Vicentin is $ 3 million from 2019. With co-host Hilary Farr, David hosts a show called Love of the List. Watch David’s visible appearance on television below:

Year Television/Film Roll
between 2008 and today Love it or make a list of it. Co-Host
from 2012 to today Marilyn Denise Exhibition. yourself.
2014 Fox news channel yourself.
2015-2017 Today’s show yourself.
2018 Megan Kelly today. yourself.

There is no doubt that Krista and her husband David lead a luxurious life. David also appears as a celebrity guest in television shows, allowing him to earn extra income.

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