Anna Delvey was born on the 23rd. Born in January 1991, she is a swindler of Russian descent and her real name is Anna Vadimovna Soronika. When she moved to New York in 2017, she assumed a fictional identity as Anna Delvey, who claimed to be a wealthy German heiress.  She was charged with several counts in 2019: Second-degree robbery, grand larceny and robbery on duty.

Anna Delvey Vicky

  • Actual full name : Anna Vadimovna Sorokina
  • Nickname: Anna Delvey.
  • Born: 1991. (29 years old), Russia
  • Nationality: Russian
  • Education: Central St. Maarten

Parents, family, beginning of life

Anna Delvey’s father, Vadim Sorokin, worked as a truck driver and her mother ran a grocery store before becoming a housewife. His family moved to Germany in 2007 and Eschweiler went to high school. After graduating from high school in 2011, Anna worked as an intern at a public relations company before moving to Paris for an internship at the French fashion magazine Purple.

Time as false heir

When she moved to New York in 2013, Anna told her new friends that she had saved $82.5 million in a group overseas. She spends more money staying in luxury hotels, eating in James Beard restaurants and regularly visiting lounges and spas. Anna charged her friends large sums of money to travel agencies, and when her credit card refused to pay, she asked her friends to cover the costs. Many told of her attempts to establish an art foundation, financed by a family trust, and of her plans to rent the church’s historic mission house as a multifunctional meeting place and studio.

Anna arrested

In 2017, Anna Delvey was arrested on six robbery charges for alleged fraud involving wealthy business associates in New York and numerous hotels. According to the District Attorney of Manhattan, the theft amounted to approximately $275,000 and was initially charged with three counts of theft from services related to complaints about stays at the W Downtown, Beekman Hotel and Parker Meridian Hotel in New York City. The 9th. In May 2019, she was sentenced to four to twelve years in state prison and was fined $24,000 and ordered to pay back $199,000.

Anna Delvey in the social environment

Anna Delvey’s story is wide-ranging because of her ability to integrate into society. The documentary Anna Delvie 2019 was in development at HBO and Netflix, and the drama Anna Delvie Netflix 2019 is entitled Inventing Anna, directed and produced by : ShondaRhimes. Later she founded Anna DelwayInstagram and had more followers.

Newspapers and articles about Anna

To answer the question of who Anna Delvey is, a profile of Anna Delvey’s life, affairs and arrests was published in New York Magazine in 2018. ShondaRhimes acquired the rights to Anna Delvie’s profile in The New Yorker and the Netflix drama. Thanks to Anna Delvie’s article and drama, Vicki is sought after by many.

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How long has Anna Delvey been in prison?

She faces a 15-year prison term.

Where’s Anna Delvey now?

She’s currently in prison on Rikers Island. Netflix has acquired the rights to Delvey’s life story, said his lawyer Todd Spodek at INSIDE’s Jacob Shamsian in April.

Who will play Anna Delvey?

Julia Garner talked about the role of Anna Delvey in the new series Netflix by Shonda Rhimes.

Anna Delvey: Questions and quick facts

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