Charmaine Neville is a New Zealand reggae singer best known for her hit song “All Night Long.” She moved to the UK in 1998, but returned home in 2004.

Charmaine Neville is an American singer-songwriter, who has been active since the early 1990s. She is best known for her collaborations with her brothers Aaron and Robbie Neville. Her songs have appeared in numerous films, TV shows, commercials, and video games.

Charmaine Neville has left a lasting impression on many music fans that visit the city of New Orleans. Reggie Houston and Amasa Miller, two of her sidemen, play a regular engagement at Snug Harbor, the city’s finest contemporary jazz club. Snug Harbor, which hosts the hottest performers in jazz, is where you’ll find Neville enthralling the crowd with her distinctive blend of music, humor, and audience involvement. During one of the entertainer’s spontaneous singalongs, guests are likely to share a microphone with her. In the small club, her infectious smile and upbeat demeanor assist nervous participants overcome any stage anxiety. Soon, everyone was laughing and having a good time. She is adored by the crowd because she encourages people to love themselves.

Nothing less could be expected from a performer who cites Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett as role models and claims that she acquired the most of her skills from classic cartoon programs like The Flintstones, which had swinging theme tunes. All of this was instilled in the New Orleans native as she grew up in Austin, Texas, where she subsequently attended university. She began performing there at the age of 12 years old.

When she returned to New Orleans at the age of 16, she discovered for the first time that she inherited her musical talent from her father, Charles Neville, the Neville Brothers’ horn player. Charmaine Neville met her father and started performing with him and his siblings, showcasing her singing and dancing abilities.

Charmaine Neville’s fame has been cemented by her collaborations with saxophonist Reggie Houston and pianist Amasa Miller. The brilliant three has a comfortable blend of familiarity and chemistry. Interspersed with excellent music comes some lighthearted banter. Neville taunts Miller and refers to Houston as her “potential ex-husband” throughout their performances. Live at Snug Harbor, a hard-to-find CD, as well as Queen of the Mardi Gras, a 1998 release, capture the revelry. With famous Mardi Gras Indian songs like “Iko Iko” and “Carnival Time,” as well as the Mardi Gras theme song, “If Ever I Cease to Love,” the latter pays tribute to the carnival music of the streets.

Neville and crew have become well-known in Snug Harbor and the French Quarter’s Gazebo because to their unique style of entertainment. And Neville, ever the good Samaritan, can be relied on to turn up at any fundraiser for a good cause. On the It’s About Time CD, her song “Can You Tell Me How You Feel?” encapsulates Neville’s sympathetic views on poverty, homelessness, and other societal problems.

Neville’s abilities have been recognized. She and her band have toured Europe and Japan, and she has been on PBS, in Vogue, and in a Levi’s 501 commercial. But she’s still down at Snug Harbor on Tuesday nights, where the hard-working and enthusiastic diva keeps her admirers singing along.

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