Darren Barnet: Networth, biography, and career of the famous Paxton from Never Have I ever

Darren Charles Barnet is a known American actor who became a household name after playing the role of a sexy swimmer “Paxton Hall-Yoshida’ in the hit Netflix teen drama ‘Never Have I Ever.’ He is also known for playing the lead ‘Grant’ in American Pie Presents: Girls rules in 2020. He was also part of a Netflix rom-com movie with Nina Dobrev and Jimmy O Yang in ‘Love Hard’ in 2021.

Let’s learn more about Darren, who is currently ruling the hearts of every young girl due to his popular character ‘Paxton’ in ‘Never Have I Ever.’

Early life- Birth, age, and Ancestry

Darren was born on April 27, 1991, in Los Angeles, California. However, he was raised in Florida in the city of Orlando. He is 30 years old and plays the role of a teenager in his popular Netflix show.

Talking about his ancestry, he is of mixed race. His mother is of Japanese and Swedish descent, while his father is of Cherokee and German descent. His Japanese look and ancestry were crucial for him in landing the role of Paxon Hall-Yoshida, who is of Japanese descent, in ‘Never Have I Ever.’

Education and sports- He played multiple sports.

Darren Barnet completed his schooling at Dr. Phillips High School and college at Berry College, holding a degree in arts. He acted in several films and plays while in college. He was also the captain of the Lacrosse team in his school. According to some reports, other than Lacrosse, he also played tons of sports, as his mother (biggest supporter) pushed him to play multiple sports.

Early Career

You may know Darren Barnet as the heartthrob swimmer of Sherman Oaks high school from ‘Never Have I Ever.’

After finishing his graduation in arts, he came to Los Angeles to start his acting career. Before landing an acting role, he worked as a front-desk associate and bike attendant in SoulCycle.

His first acting break was with a short film, ‘Storage.’ In 2017, he starred in this short film allowing him to pursue his childhood dream of being an actor. It gave him his first acting role in the hit NBC show ‘This is Us,’ where he played the role of young Jack.

After that, he worked in many shows, but it was mainly episodic-like SWAT and criminal minds. He got critical acclaim for his role in Marvel’s Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, in which he worked as a guest actor in its final season. However, his breakthrough role came in 2019 as the genuine but misunderstood guy in ‘Never Have I Ever.

Breakthrough role- Paxton Hall-Yoshida

In 2019, Daren Barnet got his breakthrough acting role, giving him critical acclaim and popularity. In 2019, he was cast as ‘Paxton Hall-Yoshida’ in the Netflix show ‘Never Have I Ever.’ He is shown as an excellent swimmer and the love interest of the lead, Devi Vishwakumar, played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan.

Paxton is a 16-year-old teenager studying at Sherman Oaks High. His character is a swimmer, popular, and a guy every girl wants to hook up with. However, after meeting Devi, his personality unfolds. He is seen as a genuine guy who is protective of his sister, suffering from Down Syndrome. And he is also someone who wants to make a career and move out of the small town to do big things. However, his lack of effort in studying makes him come across as dumb and an eye-candy.

This perfect role helped Daren Barnet show his acting prowess and get immediate popularity. As of 2022, he is still playing this incredible role for two more seasons.

Darren Barnet: Current Net worth and Upcoming movies and shows

Due to his breakthrough role in ‘Never Have I Ever,’ Darren Barnet started getting more opportunities. His primary income source is acting, and as of 2020, his estimated worth is around $1 million. He is career-oriented, and with many films in his hands, his net worth will only increase day by day.

Upcoming shows:

His hit Netflix show, ‘Never Have I Ever,’ has been renewed for seasons 3 and 4 (the last one). Reportedly, he was given $25,000 per episode for both seasons. However, according to several reports, he will be given $65,000 per episode for season 3.

Upcoming movies:

As on paper, he has signed as a voice artist for two movies- Blue Eye Samurai and Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles, in which he is the lead voice actor.

Darren Barnet: Social media accounts, fun facts, and more

Social media accounts of Darren Barnet

Darren enjoys a massive following on his Instagram account, where he is active and posts consistently. He has 2.6 million followers on Instagram. He also has a Twitter account, where he enjoys a following of 19.1K. He isn’t very active on the latter.

Languages known to Darren Barnet

He is a master of languages, and other than English, he can speak Japanese and conversational Spanish. He also studied French for some time.

Personal life- Girlfriend, wife, partner

There is not much information about his previous dating history. However, in 2021, he started dating Mikaela Hoover, an Iranian-Italian actress, who starred with him in his hit Netflix movie ‘Love Hard,’ which co-starred Nina Dobrev and Jimmy O Yang. Her other famous roles include, How I met your mother, Happy Endings, and Sorority Forever.

That’s all for Darren Barnet. The actor is known for playing the famous ‘Paxton Hall-Yoshida’ from the Netflix show ‘Never Have I Ever.’ He is becoming famous day by day with many shows and movies in his hand. So, keep an eye out on this space to know more about him and his increasing career graph. You can also check out some of his other notable works, like in ‘Love Hard’ or as Young Jack in ‘This is Us.’

Frequently asked questions

Is Darren Barnet single?

No! As of now, he is dating Mikaela Hoover, an Iranian-Italian actress. She worked alongside him in his Netflix love triangle, ‘Love Hard.’

Is Darren Barnet in ‘After we Collided’- the sequel to ‘After’?

No, he is not part of ‘After We Collided.’ However, he was in consideration to play the role of Trevor Matthews in the sequel to After. However, the role eventually went to Dylan Sprouse, who is known for his role in ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,’ where he played the role of Cody.

How old is Darren?

Darren is 30 years old as of 2022. He plays the role of Paxton in ‘Never Have I Ever,’ a 16-year old boy.