Some of you may read this article and think you are reading it: Who are the Duggars? It is a twenty-one year old family, two parents and nineteen children, living in Tontytown, Arkansas. They are very staunch Baptists who do not believe in the use of contraceptives, which is no wonder the family is so large. They became famous when they were featured on the reality series 19 Kids and Counting (formerly known as 17 Kids and Counting and 18 Kids and Counting), but not at the age of 20, when they adopted a nephew named Tyler. This family has over three dozen members representing three different generations.

It tells the story of the lives of Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar, who have nineteen children, nine girls and ten boys. The program is mainly about purity, modesty and faith in God. The show was about Bob and Michelle’s education and how they keep their children under control despite their large numbers. All children are home schooled and their access to the screen (telephone and television) is limited.

The programme aired for seven years from 29 September 2008 and was cancelled in 2015 after a bullying scandal broke out. The oldest son of the Duggar family, Josh, publicly apologized for his inexcusable behavior in molesting and groping five girls, including his sisters. Although these events took place in 2002 and 2003 when Josh was still a teenager (14-15 years old), the show was still cancelled. In December 2015, the series Count on the Future aired.

Beginning of the Duggar family

Jim and Michelle met in the early 1980s when Michelle underwent a religious conversion, a change of faith. They got married on the 21st. July 1984, shortly after Michelle, then seventeen, graduated from high school. Jim was nineteen when they were married. Neither continued their education by going to college and with both hands on deck they bought a new car and later became licensed real estate agents.

They used birth control pills for the first few years of their marriage. Joshua Dugger, the oldest, was born in 1988, and Michelle Dugger miscarried their next child, whom they named Caleb, without knowing the child’s gender. Ms Dugar consulted her doctor and told him that contraceptives can cause miscarriage if they cannot prevent conception. From that point on, husband and wife stopped using contraceptives and let God do His will. Michelle has not yet given birth to twins, and she has given birth 17 times, in addition to 21½ years, once every 15 months.

The couple forces their children to follow strict rules, such as. B. filtering the Internet, attending appointments with chaperones (requiring the suitor to seek permission from the woman’s father before the appointment), and not wearing immodest clothing, among other things. Jim Duggar was a member of the Arkansas House of Representatives for three years (1999 to 2002), but lost his seat in the U.S. Senate to Tim Hutchinson. He then became an investor and broker with his wife. On the second. In December 2008, they published their first book Duggars: 20 and Counting! His second book was published on the 7th. June 2011 under the title L’amour qui se multiplied. Four older daughters of the Duggars – Jessa, Ginger, Jill and Jana – have published a book called Growing Up Duggar: On the fourth. March 2014 is all about relationships.

Dagar family tree

Jim and Michelle have 19 children and permanent custody of Michelle’s second cousin, Tyler.

  • Joshua Jesus James – born on the 3rd. March 1988 (age 32). He is married to Anna Keller and together they have six children.
  • Jana Marie – born at the age of 12. January 1990 (30 years).
  • John-David John – born on the 12th. January 1990 (30 years). He is married to Abby Burnett and they have a child together.
  • Jill Michelle – Born at the age of 17. May 1991 (age 29). She is married to Derrick Dillard and they have two children.
  • Jessa Lauren – born on the 4th. November 1992 (28 years old). She is married to Ben Seewald and they have three children.
  • Jinger Nicole – born on the 21st. December 1995 (25 years). She is married to Jeremy Vuolo and has two children.
  • Joseph Garrett – born on the 20th. January 1995 (25 years). He is married to Kendra Caldwell and has three children.
  • Josiah Matthew – born on the 28th. August 1996 (24 years). He is married to Laura Swanson and has one child.
  • Joy-Ana – Born on the 28th. October 1997 (23 years). She is married to Austin Forsythe and they have three children.
  • Jedidiah Robert – Born at the age of 30. December 1998 (22 years old).
  • Jeremiah Robert – born at the age of 30. December 1998 (22 years old).
  • Jason Michael – born at 21. April 2000 (20 years).
  • James Andrew – born on the 7th. July 2001 (age 19).
  • Justin Samuel – born on the 15th. November 2002 (18 years). He’s engaged to Claire Spivey.
  • Jackson Levy – born on the 23rd. May 2004 (16 years).
  • Johanna Faith – born on the 11th. October 2005 (15 years).
  • Jennifer Danielle – born on the 2nd. August 2007 (13 years).
  • Jordyn-Grace Makea – Born at the age of 18. December 2008 (12 years old).
  • Josie Brooklyn – born on the 10th. December (11 years old).

Jim and Michelle have 20 grandchildren, with more to come. Although the family is very large, it is very clear that they are close to each other.

Duggar Family Net worth

Duggar makes most of his money from rent, his reality TV series and owning commercial property. The family is worth $3.5 million.

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