Felipe Esparza is a well-known Mexican-American comedy star. Felipe Esparza became famous as a comedian and actor. He gained his first fame in 2010 after winning NBC’s reality show Last Comic Standing. Felipe Esparza is also known for his last signature Translate this.

Felipe Esparza Organic: Date of birth, age, parents, ethnicity

Spanish comedian Felipe Esparza was born on the 11th. June 1976, born in Sinaloa, Mexico. At an early age, his family emigrated from Mexico to the United States. Felipe, 44, grew up in Los Angeles, Boyle Height.

Felipe Esparza’s parents: Felipe Esparza did not share the name of his father and mother.

Brothers and sisters Felipe Esparza

Felipe has six siblings and is the oldest of seven children.

Felipe Esparza Education

There is no information about Felipe’s training, but it needs to be updated.

Horoscope of Felipe Esparza

Felipe Esparza’s zodiac sign is Gemini.

Height and weight of Felipe Esparza

Felipe’s height and weight are unknown, but will be updated soon. Felipe looks very decent with his black curly hair.

Felipe Esparza Residence

Felipe lives in Los Angeles.

Citizenship of Felipe Esparza

Felipe is Mexican, American.

Felipe Esparza as a drug addict

Felipe Esparza went from a drug addict to a famous actor and comedian. When he was in his twenties. He met a gang of drug addicts and then joined the gang and became an addict. When his parents discovered his addiction, they sent him to a drug rehab center. Felipe Lesa’s wife really helped him overcome his addiction. Felipe came to a healthy life to start his dynamic career from scratch and with renewed energy.

Details of Felipe Esparza’s wedding

Felipe is married to television producer Lesa O’Daniel Esparaz. The happy couple got married on the 13th. December 2014, his wife of 48 years. Lesa is Chief Financial Officer of Felipe’s World Inc. The stars have been in their relationship since 2000, but no further information about their love affair is available. The couple leads a happy life with their children. They are in a romantic boat, enjoying every moment of their six-year marriage.

Children Felipe Esperza

The romantic couple has three children: Felipe Junior, Tuesday, Philip and Felipe also have a stepson Isaac Ludlow Wintringham by his wife. Felipe Esparza is a great father and advisor to his children. He loves his stepson very much. He always uploaded a picture of himself with his kids. You look very happy. Your life is beautiful.

Felipe Esparza Quarry Details

Felipe Esparza is known for his outstanding performances in numerous comedy shows and movies. He started his show in 1994, won the last comic book in 2010 and is hosting the weekly What a Fool is in January 2019. He works in They Don’t Gona Laugh at You in 2012, Translate This in 2017 and Bad Decision in 2020.
Felipe Esparza is one of the actors in the show. His TV show: The Eric Andre Show in 2014, 2015 and 2020, Shop in 2015, Campus Law in 2016, Superstore in 2016, 2018 and Gentefied in 2020.

Felipe Esparza has also been in films. His best-known films include El matador (2003), Deported (2009), I’m Not Like That Anymore (2010), The Fix (2015), She’s Allergic to Cats (2016), Taco Shop (2018) and The Opening Act (2020). Felipe won the final comic in 2020.

Felipe Esparza Net Assets

Felipe Esparza has a net worth of $3 million. Felipe’s source of income is acting and comedy in television shows, series and movies. Felipe made his fortune through hard work. Needless to say, he’s a self-made man. Now that Felipe has become famous, his net worth is increasing by the day. There is no doubt that Felipe has made a success of his career and his income by winning the title of Last Comic Standing.

Felipe Esparza’s house and car: Felipe has not released any information about his home and car, but he will update you soon.

Felipe Esparza on social media: Felipe Esparza is a very active personality on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tictok and YouTube with millions of his amazing followers. Felipe’s fans really like and appreciate his comedy.

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