For a band that is both catchy and subversive, Frenzal Rhomb has been able to bring together the best of punk with their music. With songs like “Walking in My Shoes,” they’ve taken on topics such as mental health and depression while also maintaining a loyal fan base.

The “frenzal rhomb 2021” is a band from Australia. The band was created in 2007 and consists of vocalist/guitarist Josh Franceschi, guitarist Chris Cheney, bassist Simon

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Once a Jolly Swagman Always a Jolly Swagman Jason Whalley, guitarist Lindsay McDougal (a substitute for founding guitarist Benjamin Costello), bassist Lex Feltham, and drummer Gordy Foreman make up the humorous Australian punk band Frenzal Rhomb, which debuted in 1993. (the third in a succession including Karl and Nat). The band released its debut album, Coughing Up a Storm, in 1995, after touring as the support act for American punk bands Offspring, Bad Religion, and blink-182. The record was renamed Once a Jolly Swagman Always a Jolly Swagman and released two years later on America’s Liberation label.

Not So Tough Now Frenzal Rhomb became one of the largest independent Australian bands with the publication of their second album, Not So Tough Now, which was hailed by NOFX’s Fat Mike. The band released Meet the Family, their third album, after headlining the Australian leg of the Vans Warped Tour in 1998 (and getting recruited for the American version as well). In 1999, A Man Is Not a Camel was released, followed by Shut Your Mouth two years later. In June 2003, Fat Wreck released Sans Souci, which included new bassist Tom Crease.

Forever Malcolm Young Frenzal Rhomb then embarked on a global tour, which included visits in Taiwan, South Africa, Israel, the United Kingdom, and Japan. The trio released Forever Malcolm Young in 2006, which debuted at number three on the Australian charts. Frenzal Rhomb went to the United States in 2011 to record Smoko at the Pet Food Factory with producer (and Descendents drummer) Bill Stevenson. Over the following several years, health issues plagued Jason Whalley (a tapeworm egg found its way into his brain) and Gordy Foreman (he fractured his arm when a stage dive went awry), but the band healed and Frenzal Rhomb returned in 2017 with Hi-Vis High Tea.

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