We all know Gage Edward, businessman, designer and consultant, very well. It is very popular in the business world and on television. Gage Edward, whose business is booming, also appears on her husband Jeff Lewis’ most popular television show, Flipping Out.

Gage Edward is also known for his homosexual relationship with his co-star Jeff Lewis.

Gage Edward Date of birth and age

Gage Edward was born on the 13th. June 1985 in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. He’s 35 years old now.

Gage Edward Family Details

His father’s name is William Fredenburg and his mother’s name is Pat Fredenburg. Gage has two brothers. Older brother Jake Fredenburg and younger brother Jace Fredenburg.

Gage Edward Education Details

Gage Edward has not shared any information about his education, but will update soon.

Edward Hite promise and weight

Gage is 6 feet tall and weighs 59 pounds. He has an attractive face and a healthy body.

Gage Edward Horoscope

Gage is a twin.

Gage Edward Nationality

Gage is an American.

Gage Edward Gay?

Gage Edward had a homosexual relationship with his co-star Jeff Lewis.

Gage Edward Marital status

He’s divorced from Jiff Lewis.

Gage EdwardCareer details

Gage Edward began his career as a successful businessman. His position in the company:

  • Gaged Edward is the CEO of his own company, Gaged Engineering.
  • Gage was also the project manager for her husband Jeff Lewis’ swing houses.
  • In 2011, Gage appeared on a reality show and became a reality TV star.

Gage Edward’s relationship with Jeff Lewis

Gage Edward had a homosexual relationship with his co-star Jeff Lewis. Gage became the star of the night after meeting Jeff Lewis. There is a 14 year age difference between Gage and Jeff. When they met and began a homosexual relationship, Gage was in his twenties and Jeff was in his thirties. Their gay relationship has grown stronger, they even decided to live together in the same house.

Gage Edwards Wedding Details

Gage Edward and Jeff Lewis did not turn their same-sex relationship into a marriage. Although Gage and Jeff did their best to maintain their sweet daughter’s relationship, there were reasons why the relationship could not turn into a marriage.

Gage Edward and Jeff Lewis Baby

The 25th. In October 2016, Gage and Jeff had a daughter, Monroe Christina. They got it through a surrogate. A little joy makes her life more romantic and beautiful. They became more responsible and bigger fathers after having a little queen in their lives who they raised together, but luck did not allow the two fathers to raise their daughter together.

Gage Edward and Jeff Lewis Divorce

Their relationship will fully and officially end in January 2019. There is a custody battle between them. Gage is one of Monroe’s parents and shares custody of her.

All about Gage Edward

  • Gage always avoids social media and only sees it on instagram.
  • Gage is best known for revealing his homosexual relationships.
  • Gage is the one and only star who becomes a celebrity overnight.
  • Gage has not published any photos of his birthdays or family events in the media.
  • Gage enjoys a private life with his daughter.
  • Gage is facing a civil suit for a loan he gave Jeff in 2016.

Gage Edward in a new relationship/girlfriend

There is no reliable information about Gage’s current relationship, but there are rumors about his new relationship with someone. Moreover, Gage leads a very happy life with his beautiful daughter.

Gage Edward Net cost

Gage Edward has a net worth of $2 million. He makes his entire fortune from business deals and reality TV appearances. His salary is not known because he keeps his life a secret. In Gage’s case, the net worth of his own business contributed significantly to this result.

Gage Edward House and Machine

There is no information about Gage Edward’s house and car because he does not like to disclose his personal information.

Gage Edward on social media

Gage Edward is active on Instagram with 64.2k followers, Facebook with 22.5k followers and Twitter with 1.4k followers.


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