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Jacqueline Staph is best known as Orlando Jones’ wife.

Jacqueline Staph is best known as Orlando Jones’ wife.

American journalist Jacob Raskon currently works for the Houston-based KPRC-TV, which is also a subsidiary of NBC as a reporter. Before becoming a reporter for KPRC TV, Raskon worked for NBC and as a reporter for KNBC, , which is owned and operated by NBC in Los Angeles, California.

Jacob was murdered on 29. August 1986, , born as son of his father, journalist, Art Ruskon, , and his mother, Patti Ruskon. Art is also a news anchor for KTRK TV , which is located at Houston, Texas. As the son of a famous television star, Jacob is also following in his father’s footsteps and is currently getting enough publicity in the media.

Jacob’s parents were 34 years together because they were married on their first day. November 1985 in the year .. Her father, Art, posted a beautiful photo on Facebook for her wedding day. According to him, Art and his wife were engaged for five weeks.

Jacob Raskon – married man

Jacob leads not only a happy professional life, but also a happy love life. Jacob, 33, tied the knot of marriage to his old friend who became his wife, Ashley Raskon, in August 2008. The couple married in a secret wedding ceremony.

Jacqueline Staph is best known as Orlando Jones’ wife.

Jacob Raskon and his wife, Ashley Raskon.
Source: Instagram @kprc2jacob

From 2019, Ashley and Jacob will be well connected as the perfect couple. In August 2019 they celebrated their 11th birthday. Birthday! Birthday! Birthday! Birthday! Birthday! Birthday! Birthday! Birthday! Birthday! Birthday! Birthday! Birthday! Birthday! Birthday! Moreover, the ideal couple is not involved in rumours about their extramarital relationships and judicial separation.

Happy parents of four charming children

The happy couple is also proud to be the parents of their four beautiful children. Ashley and Jacob welcomed their first child, daughter, Olivia Rascon. She goes to high school and also likes to participate in many sports competitions. Recently in 19. May 2019, she won a medal in an event, girls in.

Jacqueline Staph is best known as Orlando Jones’ wife.

Figure: Jacob with his wife and four children
Source: [email protected]

The couple also became parents of their second child, Malachi Rascon, , and the third time they shared their baby, Elijah Rascon, . And in the year June 2017 her fourth child, Elena Gabriel Rascon , was born in the year .

The four children can be seen on messages updated by their father, Jacob, in his official Instagram account. They have a good time together and are very happy together.

Greetings from her fifth child

Jacob and his beloved wife are also expecting their fifth child. Ashley was talking about three months of pregnancy via Instagram. 17. October 2019, Jacob shows his family photo with subtitles

A family can work very hard, with all kinds of hardships and sometimes tears. But it can also be the greatest joy. We love to travel. Baby number five will be here soon.

The family is now eagerly looking forward to new members and Jacob’s fans congratulate him regularly.

Jacqueline Staph is best known as Orlando Jones’ wife.

Figure: Jacob and his wife Ashley are expecting a fifth child
Source: [email protected]

You sound like Ashley. Jacob can’t wait to have his baby. Not only her, but also her other children seem happy to add the number of her brother and sister.

Jacob Raskon’s Net Assets and Salary

The American journalist and presenter Jacob has a net assets of $ 3 million. Another well-known journalist, Hannah Flood, , has a total net cost of $1 million .

Video: Jacob Raskon News for TODAY, terrible church bus accident in Texas

According to the report, Raskon earns $90,000 a year as a reporter for NBC . Jacob reports national and international news about his speeches. His records include the crash of achurch bus in Texas, and Hurricane Florence which landed among many others.

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