Jensen Ackles: Networth and career of famous actor joining ‘The Boys’ in new season

Jensen Ackles, who is famously known as Dean Winchester, is a massive American actor. After playing the role of Dean in the hit show ‘Supernatural,’ for which he was immensely loved by fans and earned multiple accolades, he booked another meaty role in a fan-favourite series, ‘The Boys.’ In this intriguing and top-ranking Amazon Prime show, Jensen plays the role of ‘Soldier Boy,’ and even though the show will air in June, the news has created excitement amongst the fans of both Jensen and the series.

Ackles has been on the tube for a while, and he continues to grow and shine. It begs the question, what is his net worth? Were you wondering the same? Yes? Then let’s learn about his net worth along with learning more about his background, career, other interests, and more.

Jensen Ackles: Early life, education, and more

Early life

Jensen Ackles, the famous actor, and director, was born on March 1, 1978 in the city of Dallas, Texas. He was raised in another town of Texas, in Richardson. His father is also a famous actor, Alan Ackles, and his mother is Donna Ackles.

Other siblings

Jensen is not an alone child. He has an older brother Joshua (3 years older than him), and a sister who is younger than him, Mackenzie. (7 years younger than him).

Education and other activities

The Supernatural star attended Llyod V. Berkner High School. In 1996, he completed his graduation and started working on his acting career. After finishing college, he intended to start studying sports medicine to pursue his dream of being a physical therapist. However, fate had other plans, and he decided to pursue acting and move to Los Angeles for the same.

Other activities- Sports and theatre

Jensen attended theatre classes when he was a high-school student. He also played Lacrosse and baseball in school.

Jensen Ackles: Early career, breakthrough roles, and upcoming show

Early career

Jensen started modeling when he was only 4 years old. After graduating, he was solely focused on his acting career and performed several guest roles on Mr. Rhodes, Cybill, and more. In 1997, he became a recurring member of the hit soap opera ‘Days of Our Lives’ as Eric Brady. For the same, he was nominated for three Daytime-Emmy Awards and won the Soap Opera Digest Award too.

After leaving the soap opera in 2000, he went to do multiple shows, like Blonde, Smallville, and Dark Angles, Dawson Creek. However, his breakthrough role came in 2005 after signing on the lead role in the horror-fantasy show Supernatural.

Breakthrough roles: Playing the loyal son ‘Dean Winchester’ on Supernatural

Jensen had played multiple roles in many hit shows, like Smallville, Dark Angels, and the soap opera Days of our lives. However, his breakthrough role came in 2005, when he landed the role of Dean Winchester in the show ‘Supernatural.’ Created by Eric Kripke, Jensen joined the show when he was 27 years of age and played the character until he was 42 years old.

The show was an instant hit, and he and Jared (Sam Winchester, his younger brother) were the face of CW, the channel on which the show was aired. In the show, Jensen played ‘Dean,’ a hunter who, along with his brother Sam, is looking for their father. He is on a mission to hunt the demon responsible for the death of their mother. Throughout 15 seasons, the show had multiple mythological characters introduced and managed to keep the audience engaged. Jensen, along with Jared and Misha Collins (Castiel, the archangel), rose to prominence with this show.

Singing and direction

He made his directing debut in the sixth season of ‘Supernatural.’ The episode titled ‘Weekend at Bobby’s is a memorable episode. The series ended in 2020, with Jensen directing multiple episodes. He also recorded a single with musician Steve Carlson to form a band ‘Radio Company.’ The first album, vol.1, was released in 2019, and the second one ‘Vol. 2’ was released in 2021.

Upcoming show- The boys

After playing the role of Dean Winchester for 15 long years, he is ready to step into another character. In August 2020, he announced via an Instagram post about playing the infamous role of ‘Soldier Boy’ in ‘The Boys’ season 3. The show was created by Erick Kripke, who was also the creative head behind Supernatural for five years. The fans of the show and Jensen alike are waiting excitedly to see him join this superhero series and see how well he fits the show.

His other projects include the movie ‘Rust.’ However, at this point, it stands canceled after the on-site incident where cinematographer Halyna Hutchins died when a prop gun fired by Alec Baldwin ended up killing Haylna for real. In 2022, Jensen Ackles again wore the director’s hat to direct episode 17 of Walker season 2, starring Jared Padalecki, who played his on-screen brother Sam Winchester in ‘Supernatural.’

Net worth of Jensen Ackles: assets and more

He has been in showbiz for over 26 years and has played many roles. His best role to date is playing ‘Dean Winchester.’ The actor was paid around $175K per episode for the series, which had 15 long seasons. In-between the show, he didn’t do other acting roles to focus on his family. Due to being a massive star, his net worth in March 2022 stands around $16 million.

Beer business

Currently awaiting the release of his new Amazon Prime series, ‘The Boys,’ Ackles doesn’t make his entire earnings from acting alone. He, along with his wife and brother-in-law, owns a brewery business. The family business brewing company is an ode to the slogan of his hit show ‘Supernatural’- Saving people, hunting things, the family business. It is a successful business contributing massively to his net worth.

His family home in Austin, Texas, is also worth millions. It is a lake-side house spreading over 7500-square feet.

Relationship history of Jensen Ackles: Dating and married life

Jensen has dated some famous actresses, namely Kristen Keurik, who played Lana Lang in ‘Smallville’ and Jessica Simpson, amongst others. He met his soulmate, actress Danneel Harris when they were filming the movie ‘Ten Inch Hero.’ In 2009, they got engaged and got married in the year 2010 on May 15th.

Together they have three kids, Justice Jay and two twins-Zeppelin Bram and Arrow Rhodes.

Social media accounts of Jensen Ackles

After many years, Jensen Ackles joined Instagram and also has a presence on Twitter.

Instagram: Jensen Ackles has a following of 9 million on Instagram. He is active on the platform, sharing accounts of his daily and professional life.

Twitter: He joined Twitter in August 2014 and has a following of over 2.7 million on the same.


Full Name Jensen Ross Ackles
Аge 44 years (March 2020)
Birth Place Dallas, Texas
Height 6.0 ft
Weight 83 Kgs
Birth Date March 1, 1978
Nationality American
Gender Male


Profession Actor, director, singer, and Model
Spouse name Danneel Harris
Marital status married
Children Three

  media accounts



Net worth $16 million(March 2022)


Trivia about Jensen Ackles


  • Jensen Ackles auditioned for the role of young Clark Kent (Supernatural) on Smallville. However, the role went to Tom Welling, with Jensen playing a recurring role in season 4.
  • He is a massive fan of the Dallas Cowboys
  • He plays guitar and also sings quite well. He has sung in multiple comic cons and as a co-lead vocal on two songs. Finally, he came up with his album in 2020.
  • Jensen was apparently in the race to play the role of Captain America or Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, due to his commitment to Supernatural, he declined the offer. Coincidently, he is now playing ‘Soldier Boy’ in ‘The Boys’, an Amazon prime series which is the evil-version of Captain America.
  • In 2022, he directed his close friend Jared Padalecki on his new show ‘Walker.’


It is all for Jensen Ackles now. The famous American actor who ruled the TV screens for the longest time. He is now back again to take the world of web series by storm.


Frequently asked questions

Does Jensen Ackles have a tattoo?

Yes, he, Jared Padalecki, and Jeffery Dean Morgan, It’s a crown, which is also a reversed ‘W’ which stands for Winchester. (Their character’s surname in the show).

Are Jared and Jensen still friends?

Since playing brothers on the show for 15 years, Jensen and Jared are best friends and even consider each other family.

Was Jensen Ackles in Smallville?

Yes, he was part of this hit series starring Tom Welling in season 4. He played Jason Teague, the love interest of Lana Lang.