Law & Order Organized Crime spoilers announce that the upcoming Law & Order: The Welcome My Little Friends episode, which deals with organized crime, will be another dramatic hour for fans!

Organized Crime Spoilers – Elliot Stabler continues to avenge the murder of Katie Stabler

Fans of Law & Order – Organized Crime will remember that suspects of a mob murder killed Elliot Stabler’s (Christopher Meloni) wife, Katie Stabler (Isabel Gillis), in the pilot episode, which aired as part of a crossover with Law & Order: Special case. Elliot was part of a new task force that tracked a criminal family selling counterfeit N95 respirators and personal protective equipment overseas.

He interrogates Richard Wheatley’s (Dylan McDermott) father, Manfredi Sinatra (Chazz Palminteri), but when he follows him to an amusement park where he is to serve as an informant against his son, Stabler arrives to find him shot dead in a Ferris wheel.

He anonymously calls 911 and after questioning Wheatley, Wheatley’s ex-wife Dana Wheatley (Christine Marie Caris) is then severely beaten by Wheatley’s thugs. The preview for episode 3 of Law & Order begins after the medical treatment. Stabler is dressed, his forehead is stitched up and he has two bruised eyes. Wheatley, heir to the Sinatra mafia dynasty, had previously shared his rise with the rest of the family, but had made it clear that he was the boss.

The rest of the mafia family doesn’t seem to like him much – that may come in handy later in the season. Stabler, who is known to be a con man, is now teaming up with Ayanna Bell (Danielle Monet Truitt) to nab Wheatley.

Law and Order: Organized Crime Spoiler – I hope it doesn’t hurt too much

Spoilers for Organized Crime – Law and Order reveal that Stabler and Bell got a major lead on Wheatley and his overseas operations and teamed up to investigate. When confronted with a potential donor from the Sinatra crime family, he sarcastically tells Stabler that he hopes it won’t hurt him too much – Stabler’s face, of course!

Later, when Bell talks to Stabler in the car, she agrees that they need to take this guy down – he’s slimy and dangerous and is using the coronavirus pandemic to sell fake personal protective equipment that won’t prevent anyone from getting infected with Covid-19 but will make him a lot of money! Like most organized crime gangsters, he hides behind seemingly legitimate deals.

At night on the street, Whitley stands behind a red motorcycle and what appears to be a motorcycle shop. He says he doesn’t like things being taken from him and asks the goons how they should handle the situation since he is holding a gun.

Let’s get back to this engine: Looks like Wheatley is listening to Stabler – after he confronted Wheatley himself and removed his tag! Law & Order spoilers indicate that Wheatley will learn over the course of the season how much he doesn’t like the idea of something – or someone!

Stay tuned for news, updates and spoiler episodes of Law & Order Organized Crime!

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