Date of Birth : 29. January 1979Age: 42 years Size
: Unknown
Religion : Mark Stone
Religion : Christianity
Citizenship: United Kingdom Name of wife: Unknown marital status: Married on the basis of nationality : Unknown
Net weight : Unknown weight: Eye colour unknown
:Hair colour unknown :Occupation unknown : Journalist for children’s magazines: 1

Quarry details Marker

Stone began his career in 2002 as a producer for ABC News, the US broadcasting service. He spent nearly a year in Baghdad covering the capture of Saddam Hussein and counterinsurgency operations in Iraq.

He joined Sky News as a producer in 2005 and was promoted to reporter in 2007. Mark became the network’s representative in Asia in 2012. In 2015, he was appointed European Liaison Representative. It has been reported in many places in the UK and around the world, from Iraq to the ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan and Libya and the London riots of 2011. In 2006, Stone was the first British journalist to join British forces in Helmand, Afghanistan, and the first journalist to witness the Glasgow airport attack in June 2007. He met former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko in London two weeks before his death. Report on the death of Mr Litvinenko. Stone spent about six weeks defeating the uprising against Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. Moreover, Stone is named as one of the journalists covering almost all sessions of the British investigation into Iraq. In 2011 the riots in London received a lot of media attention. He just used an iPhone for it. With its video footage, Sky News has led the way in the news business and has been picked up by other broadcasters around the world. Within 24 hours, his videos were viewed by millions. Stone was one of the journalists who had access to the prisoners’ land. Stone and his crew are broadcasting for the first time from the North Korean capital of Pyongyang.

In 2014, he contributed to Sky News’ coverage of the disappearance of Malaysian flight MH370. In 2015 and 2017, Mr Stone reported on the European migration crisis.

In 2019, he became the network’s Middle East representative. He reported on the four meetings of the U.S. presidential candidates and said U.S. networks have called for a race for Biden.

Mark Stone Bio: Age, education, personal life

He was born on the 29th. Born January 1979. Diploma in the United Kingdom. Started at Horry School in Wiltshire. Then to Cheltenham College and finally to the University of East Anglia, where he graduated in 2001. His brother Guy Stone, who is now a brigadier major.

Brand Stone Dating and Marriage History Details

Mark Stone is married, but we don’t know yet who he’s married to. The couple have a son and live happily in Brussels, Belgium. Little information about his family.

Mark Stone’s Social Media Presence

Mark Stone has Twitter accounts. On Twitter, 49,700 people follow him.

Performance of Mark Stone

  • In 2014 he was awarded by the Royal Television Society for his work in Asia.
  • He received the One World Media Award for his work in North Korea, China and Burma.
  • Nominated for his work in London on Royal Television’s coverage of the riots.
  • Rewarded for his coverage of the war in Iraq for ABC News with his team.


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