Real name Morgan Valentine
SpurlockDate of birth November 7, 1970Age
50 (in 2020)
Birthplace Parkersburg, West Virginia,
Woodrow Wilson High School, Beckley, WV (1989), Bachelor of Film, NYU (1993
)Marital statusWife
Mary P. Sommer (divorced), Sarah Bernstein (m. 2016), Alex Jamison (m. 2006-2011)
Children 2 (both sons by different women
)Height 6 feet 2 inches or 1.88 mWeight
84 kg or 185
lbsProfessional film producer, screenwriter, director, television producer, actor, comedian, documentary filmmaker, playwright,
comedian, and
copywriterCareer 1998 at PresentationNet
millionChristian MeetingEthnic CaucasianBlond
hair colorBrown hair colorHoroscope
ScorpioHeterosexual sexual

Morgan Spurlock was born on November 7, 1970 in Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA. He grew up in Beckley.

Morgan Spurlock Bio: age, beginning of life

Morgan Spurlock is an American who is a producer, screenwriter, director, television producer, actor, comedian, documentary filmmaker, playwright, comedian and writer. He is known for the film Super Size Me.

According to his known date of birth, November 7, 1970, he is currently 50 years old.

Morgan Spurlock Plus

Morgan attended Woodrow Wilson High School in Beckley, West Virginia. He also attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts for his graduate degree. There he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies in 1993.

Details of Morgan Spurlock’s career

He began his career as a documentary filmmaker. He fought to achieve his dream of becoming a film producer. Initially, he worked as a production assistant on films such as Leon: The Professional (1994) and Kiss of Death (1995). Spurlock also acted in a comedy in California to increase his income.

In addition, Morgan had times in his life when he was homeless. One Thanksgiving evening, he saw the news in his parents’ house about two girls who blamed McDonald’s for their obesity. This incident inspired him to make a documentary about the issue.

He made his debut in Super Size Me in 2004, where he ate McDonalds for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a month. As a result, he gained 24 pounds in just 30 days.

In addition, his cholesterol level was elevated to 40%. This documentary paved the way for his success. Other successful documentaries include Where in the World is Osama bin Laden? (2008), which he dedicated to his son Laken, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (2011), One Direction: This Is Us (2013) and Super Size Me 2: The Holy Chick (2017).

Morgan Spurlock Awards and nominations

In 2004, he was nominated for a Super Size Me Academy Award in the category of Best Feature-Length Documentary. He was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2004 and a Special Emmy Award for Best Non-Fiction in 2005. He also won the Director’s Award at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. In addition, he won the Writers Guild Award for Best Documentary Screenplay in 2005. Prior to this documentary, Morgan was awarded as a playwright for his play Phoenix.

Morgan Spurlock Pure Cost

After his successful documentaries, his net worth has increased significantly. It is estimated that he earns about $12 million.

History of Morgan Spurlock’s meetings and wedding details

Morgan dated several women in his life. We don’t know yet if he is dating other women, because he is married to Sarah Bernstein.

He is currently married and not dating another woman because he seems happy and content with his family life.

Spurlock had been married three times by then. He first married Mary Sommer in January 1996 in Franklin County, Ohio. There is not much information about that marriage. Moreover, the reason for their divorce is also unknown. Her second marriage was to Alexandra Jamieson in 2006. Alexandra was a chef, writer and television host. Morgan dated her for two years. Alexandra has a son, Laken, who was born in 2006. There were some misunderstandings between the couple and they divorced in 2011. Morgan is currently married to Sarah Bernstein. The couple lasted eight years and finally got married in 2016. Together they have a son, Cullen.

Morgan Spurlock’s children

He has two children, Laken sons James Spurlock and Cullen Marcus Spurlock. Laken was born in 2006 to his wife Alexandra Jamies and Cullen Marcus was born in 2016 to his wife Sarah Bernstein.

Morgan Spurlock’s readings

Morgan is one of the most famous producers, known for the documentary Super Size Me. He weighs 84 kilos and is 1.88 meters tall. Morgan also has blond hair and dark brown eyes, which adds to his charm.

Morgan Spurlock Machines and House

All we know about Morgan is that he lives in West Virginia (USA), while the location of his house or its value is unknown. His collection and the value of his cars are also anonymous.

Frequently asked questions

How much is Morgan Spurlock worth?

He was also a presenter of Inside Man on CNN. As a result of his successful work as a documentary filmmaker, Morgan’s net worth is estimated at $12 million (£9 million), according to Celebrity Net Worth.

How much money did Morgan Spurlock make with Super Size Me?

Before the end of the festival, Spurlock signed a deal with YouTube Red worth about $3.5 million, which includes not only a streaming deal but also a theatrical release.

How tall is Morgan Spurlock?

Morgan Spurlock

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