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Paul Cerrito is best known as the long-standing husband of the former Baywatch star, Yasmine Bleeth.

Paul Cerrito is best known as the long-standing husband of the former Baywatch star, Yasmine Bleeth.

Patricia Southall, , commonly known as Pat Smith, is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, who declares The second can be the first if you decide to be a WINNER! Make your choice for WIN !!!! She thinks everyone needs a second chance. To motivate and inspire others, she created the Second Cholarship, in which she leads and tells a story about giving a second chance to others.

Pat is the CEO of Treasure You , a non-profit organization whose primary mission is to provide financial, emotional and spiritual support to women. In addition, it performs a variety of philanthropic work through another charity, Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities. The founder of the company is Patricia and her husband, Emmitt Smith.

Patricia is a warm and talented woman, born in on December 17, 1970,, Chesapeake, Virginia, USA. She was born to mother Mildred Southall and father Henry Southall. After graduating from the nearest school, she went to James Madison University where she obtained a degree in journalism.

Patricia Southall and Emmitt Smith married life.

Entrepreneur Patricia is married to former professional footballer Emmitt Smith. Soccer players Emmitt and Patricia close the knot on 22 April 2000, large for closure.

Paul Cerrito is best known as the long-standing husband of the former Baywatch star, Yasmine Bleeth.

Patricia Southall and Emmitt Smith.
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Since 2020, a couple leads a happy married life without gossip and arguments about extramarital relationships and the legal separation of spouses. , Southall and 51 years old Smith celebrate their 20th anniversary.

They participate in many festivals and social events. Pat and Emmitt have also worked together on various charity projects. They spend their holidays together and have a good relationship as an ideal married couple. What’s more, they’re even raising their children now.

Three charming children

The star-spangled couple now raise their three lovely children in admiration. They welcomed their first child, son, Emmit Smith IV, to on May 15, 2002,, and he turned 18 in 2020. Similarly, a couple welcomed their second child, daughter, Skyler Smith, in on October 15, 2003,.

Paul Cerrito is best known as the long-standing husband of the former Baywatch star, Yasmine Bleeth.

Smith family
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They also share their third child, Elijah Alexander James, from to on September 22, 2010, , or 10 years for 2020 All three children lead happy and rich lives with their famous parents.

Children born into the famous James family have plenty of fans and followers, even if they are children of celebrities. They even appear in many photos updated by their famous parents on their official social networking sites. Patricia also raises her stepson,Rayne Smith(b.N. 2 November 1988), who was born from Emmit’s former lover.

Patricia is the second partner who falls in love with former soccer player Emmit because he met Hope Wilson before sharing his wishes with philanthropist Pat. Hope and Emmett were having an affair, and they even took care of their only child, Rayna. But later they broke up and moved.

Not only Emmitt, but Patricia was a married woman. She shared her married life with the American actor and comedian Martin Lawrence. Martin and Patricia first met in 1992when she worked in the media office of Lawrence Douglas Wilder. Ever since they met, they’ve met again and again.

Paul Cerrito is best known as the long-standing husband of the former Baywatch star, Yasmine Bleeth.

Martin, the ex-husband of Patricia Smith and her daughter Jasmine.
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And after a year of dating they even concluded the marriage contract in 1995 and lived happily ever after. The former couple also had their first child, Jasmine Page Lawrence (b. 15. January 1996) The Lawrence family lived happily, but later, on the 9th day, the Lawrence family broke up their relationship in September 1997, after two years of marriage. As soon as she talks about their division,

I knew then that it wasn’t healthy for either of us. I packed a suitcase. This is the first time I’ve heard the voice of God. And I didn’t know I was leaving to get a divorce. I thought it was for the best. For me, marriage was an eternity. Until my mother died, my parents were married for 30 years. My grandparents were married for 60 years. When I left that night, it was terrible. I was embarrassed. I was in pain. I got scared. My family was 3,000 miles away.

Overall probability: 500,000 500,000

The net worth of the CEO and U.S. press secretary Patricia is $ .500,000 , which she has built up over the course of her professional career. She is the founder of several charitable organizations that support many people in need.

She is also a beauty queen who won 1993and Miss Virginia USA. Pat is also the author of the book Second Chancesor 3. April 2014. In the book Pat tells the truth about his path from sorrow to hope. The book will be sold on Amazon for the price of $Kindle.

Video: Patricia Smith talks about her new book, Second Chance

Patricia, her husband Emmitt, also has a net worth of $18 million, which he has calculated for his entire professional life as a footballer. He was playing for a professional football team, the Dallas Cowboys, , when the football came back. Heidi Muller’s husband, DeMarco Murray, who is also a former runner, has a net worth of $3 million.

He has also received numerous awards as a professional player. In 1990 1990received the NFL Award, Newcomer of the Year for Aggression. He also won NFL ESPY Best player in 1993 and 1994. He also won the third season Dancing with the Stars. He currently works as a network analyst for the NFL and ESPNnetworks. The young NFL player, running backwards on Saquon Barkley , has an impressive bank balance.

Paul Cerrito is best known as the long-standing husband of the former Baywatch star, Yasmine Bleeth.

Professional Football is back, Emmitt Smith.
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23. July 2006, Emmitt was a judge in the case Miss Universe 2006. Then the championship title was won by Zuleika Rivera. Besides all this, he also participates in many charity events. It supports various service organizations through the charities of Pat & Emmitt Smithl. The organisation received the Pipe Award in the category 2012.

This article is dedicated to philanthropist Patricia Smith. If you want to know more about your favourite humanitarian aid, stay connected to Hollywooddaddy.



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