Solai Wicker is an American social media influencer who has made a name for herself sharing dance and lip-sync videos on TikTok and is known as one half of the popular web group The Wicker Twinz.

What is Solai Wicker’s reputation?

  • Are American social media influential?
  • For his lip-sync and dance video.

Solai Wicker: age, biography, parents, family, siblings, ethnicity.

Solai Wicker was born on March 18, 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She belongs to the African-American ethnic group. The names of her parents are not yet known. She has a twin sister named Yoni Wicker. They worked and made videos together on her network. Solay is an American citizen.


No details are available about their training. They are currently being home schooled.

All about Solai Wicker’s career

She started on Instagram in 2017, when she was apparently in sixth grade. At the same time, she began posting lip syncs and dance shows on TikTok, and eventually her popularity on the platform grew exponentially with the @_.iitss0laii._ handle.

She then decided to explore other social media platforms with her twin sister Yoni Wicker to showcase her talent. They decided to take the next step in their social media careers, which led to the launch of their YouTube channel “TheWickerTwinz”.

Solai Wicker and her twin sister Caption: Solay Wicker and her twin sister (Source: Celebs Life Reel)

His famous videos are 2 EASY SLICK BACK BUN HAIR TUTORIAL, DYING OUR HAIR PURPLE, ABOUT US ASSUMPTIONS, GETTING OUR TRAGUS PIERCES, ETC. She has endorsed or promoted various brands such as Uncle, Gucci and FILA on social media.

They also secured sponsorship of the Mofayang brand in 2019. They participated in advertising their temporary hair dye wax. They were probably also involved in modeling.

Solai Wicker: net cost (2021) and salary.

Solay has earned between $100,000 and $1 million over the course of his online career. Considering his recent positions, his average follower engagement was 2.89% per position. Thus, she is expected to earn between $2,466.75 and $4,111.25 from her promotional position.

Is Solay Wicker married? Wife, children, marriage

Solay Wicker seems to be single now, as she has never made any official statements about her relationship. Solay likes to keep her private life a secret and it seems that she has not had any relationships so far.

Solai Wicker and her twin sister Caption: Solai Wicker and her twin sister (Source: YouTube)


However, there are several rumors that she would come out with the influence of Ziyar social media. Ziyair revealed their relationship in a question and answer video he released in March 2019. However, he did not admit to having an affair with her.

Solai Wicker: height, weight, eye color.

Solai Wicker is 1.70 m tall and weighs about 48 kg. Her eyes are dark brown. She had a crease in her back and had surgery in March 2018.

Solai Wicker and her twin sister Caption: Solai Wicker and her twin sister (Source: Pinterest).

Is Solai Wicker active on social media?

On his Instagram account, Solai has amassed more than a million followers. She also has her own TikTok account with 282,000 fans and 3.6 million followers.

Frequently asked questions

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How old is 2020 Wicker Twins?

And the Wicker twins are now 15 years old.

What is Yoni Wicker’s real name?

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