Some of you may have been up-to-date with the latest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers regarding Liam Spencer’s death. (We were, if you’d like to read the spoiler here.) If you’re not up-to-date, or you’re just here for the B&B spoilers, here is a recap.

Bill Spencer has the power to decide Liam Kane’s fate on the upcoming season of The Bold And The Beautiful. Will it be death or life for the former B&B star? Spoiler alert: Bill will decide Liam’s fate, likely with a large sum of money.

SpoilerThe Bold and the Beautiful reports that Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) has decided not only to admit to beating and killing Vincent Walker (Joe LoCicero), but also to take responsibility for the ensuing cover-up. Liam is a good guy who wants to do more than just the right thing. He wants to keep his father out of jail. Will Spencer (Finnegan George), Liam’s high school brother, and Bill Spencer’s (Don Diamont) youngest son are at the center of this attempt to fall on the soap sword. B&B fans know that Bill will not allow Liam to make this move, which in turn will increase the legal threat to Spencer.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Bill Spencer has the loudest voice

Viewers will remember Vinny going to jail after being arrested for falsifying Steffi Forrester’s (Jacqueline McInnes Wood) paternity test. But why was he walking alone on Mulholland Drive hours after he was released on bail? There was a dialogue about this obvious issue, with Bill’s voice sounding the loudest. But the B&B writers seem to have deliberately not explored this open plot point, allowing the drama to develop as it is. So there was a reason Vinnie was where he was at that time of night. If his car broke down, he could walk to get help. But wouldn’t the police later report that they found his car or note that it was stolen if it was subsequently removed from the neighborhood? Vinny’s specific position on this road may be part of a deeper clue to what the public, Liam and Bill saw.

SpoilerB&B – Was Vincent Walker meant to die?

Let’s assume Vinnie was captured by the shady characters he dealt with in the underworld. Such people wouldn’t want him to turn them in, and could have grabbed and attacked Vinny before they left him on Mulholland Drive. The above scenario may take some time, but eventually it will prove to be legally beneficial for Liam. He may not have been the real cause of Vinnie’s death, and the accidental blow only hastened his death. Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Will Hope and Wyatt forgive Bill? – SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy) 31. May 2021

Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – More information and proof needed

If none of this is confirmed, Vinny’s never-before-seen girlfriend could be added to the series to testify to the conversation she must have had with him on the night he died. Otherwise, Vinnie’s parents would have been other possible contacts he had with before the attack. Liam wants to protect his father from being blamed for driving. At least Bill admits to withholding information to ease Liam’s pain. Either way, until more information or evidence comes to light, Liam’s actions and lies and Bill’s stupid reaction to Mulholland Drive will doom them forever. This site is the main source of information on everything related to The Bold and the Beautiful. Check back often for spoilers and B&B news!

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