Shaving steals someone’s personality and allows him to live in the poverty of worldly conspiracies…

This anonymous quote reminds me of a bearded gold mining company that runs a reality show about gold mining on the Discovery Channel. Yeah, you almost got it. He’s none other than Todd Hoffman.

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After a season of decline in his aviation business (owner of Oregon airport), he decided to leave the company and fly to Alaska in 2010…….

Yeah, a bankrupt dreamer was rich in faith in God. He had a pure idea of gold mining, and then he embarked on a journey that multiplied its value. His efforts have brought him a lot of money.

Well, if your curiosity is to know his fortune by 2020, I’d rather end your patience…

From bankruptcy to pennies and from dollars to millions! Well, the nuggets of gold made him a millionaire with a net worth of about $7 million.

The lucky man was his team, which was rewarded with a passionate failure of DREAMER . From the simple worker to the millionaire! !! Wow!

I bet you’re gonna think it’s fiction. Hurry up and turn on the Discovery Channel and wait for it to appear in Gold Rush.

Childhood and family

The one on the 12th. April 1969 in Sandy, Oregon, born in April 1969 in Sandy, Oregon, hard worker, passionate dreamer was inspired according to his father. This is an amazing example of a fall followed by a magnificent impact!

In relation to an anonymous quote:

Every rich man has a poor child following his dream.

His father was also a gold digger. His father inspired him to go into gold mining. He has a sister named Tamra Hoffman. Todd is married to Sean Hoffman and has two children: Olivia and Hunter Hoffman.

Todd doesn’t want his family anywhere near the cameras. He’s very worried about the limelight. He wants them to know the family values and always believe in God. But you can see his son in the gold rush.


When Todd decided to become a miner, he received an offer from the Discovery Channel to star in their Golden Fever Show. He gathered his friends, who were also miners and unemployed at the time. He bought tools and equipment and came up with a simple plan. The crew had to find gold at all costs. Thanks to their hard work, they succeeded.

Currently Golden Fever has more than 8 seasons and over 110 episodes are aired. New members have also been added to the exhibition. But Todd fell out of the show. It has also had to deal with several disasters, as its mining activities in Guyana, South America, have failed. But Todd didn’t give up and his team won $3 million during the gold rush seasons.

How rich is Todd Hoffman?

Todd has an incredible net worth of $7 million. He’s got that b number in the gold rush series. Todd also has an airport in Oregon. He earns extra money by receiving support and maintenance.

Todd’s trip was special. He started from scratch and now, thanks to his determination and hard work, he is a millionaire. We need more inspiring stories like this one.

Todd Hoffman has also starred in The House and the Family, Fox and Friend, Soup, AM Northwest, Harry and The Long Walk. He owns major social networking sites. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Weight, size

Todd is 1.78 m high and weighs 90 kg. He’s 50 years old now.

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