Tom Selleck Net worth is $70 Million.

Tom Selleck is an American actor, best known for his roles as private detective Thomas Magnum in the television series Magnum, P.I., and as Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard, the title character in the television seriesseaQuest DSV. He has also starred in a number of films, most notably as a corrupt police officer in the film A Few Good Men, as John Rambo in First Blood, and as Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s father, in Batman.

Tom Selleck Net worth

One of the greatest American actors of all time, Tom Selleck is an American film producer, actor, war veteran, and a national rifle association spokesperson. He is most famous for his role in Magnum P.I as the undercover investigator, Thomas magnum, as pitcher Mitchell in three men and a baby and as NYPD commissioner frank Reagen in the show blue blood.

Selleck joined the California army serving his country during the Vietnam war from 1967 to 1973. Selleck was given an honorary doctorate on 28 April 2000 from the Pepperdine university because if this outstanding character, personality, and his philanthropic initiatives. He is the co-founder of the character counts coalition and a board member of several other organizations. Selleck also received a star on the Hollywood walk of fame in 1986.

Real Name

The real name of tom Selleck is Thomas William Selleck.

He is popularly known as tom Selleck to his friends and family.

Nick Name

No such nickname for Tom Selleck is known. His followers and clients know him by his real name.


Sellcks is an actor, film producer, war veteran, and screenwriter.

He, as a student, was an avid athlete who earned a basketball scholarship to the University of Southern California. He decided to pursue acting later in his life and applied for small roles in films and T.V. series. He was featured in several tv series after he gained fame, like the wide world of mystery, the young and the restmele6, Charlie’s angels and taxi, etc.


Selleck took birth on 29 January 1945. Presently, he is 75 years old.


Selleck took birth at Detroit in Michigan in the United States.

Height, Weight

Selleck has an imposing height of about 1.93m and weighs 88kgs approximately.

Zodiac Sign

Tom Selleck is Aquarius by sun sign


Selleck is an American citizen


Tom Selleck is white

Love Life

Selleck was married to Jacqueline Ray from 1971 to 1982, who was a model. They adopted a son named Kevin Shepard. In 1987, Selleck again married Jillie Joan Mack, an actress. Together they have a daughter named Hannah. Presently, Selleck, with his family, resides in thousand oaks Westlake Village, California.


His father named, Robert Dean Selleck, was an executive and real estate investor in California. During his early life, Selleck was brought up in Sherman Oaks, California.


Martha Selleck is the mother of Tom Selleck. She is a homemaker.


Tom Selleck has three siblings, an elder brother named Robert, a sister named Martha, and his younger brother, Daniel.

Net Worth

Tom Selleck’s net worth is $50 million as of 2020. A significant part of his income comes from his acting career, no matter its directing, acting or producing.


Tom Selleck is a follower of Roman Catholicism.


After graduating from the Grant high school in 1962, Selleck went for the Los Angeles volley College. He lived at hoke and saved money for enrolling his name there. Selleck was transferred to the University of Southern California, where he participated in the USC Trojans men’s basketball team. Presently he is a member of Trojan Knights and Sigma Chi fraternity. A drama coach approached Selleck when he was still pursuing his business studies and suggested that he should act. Later he dropped out of his business university and studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse under Milton katsela.

Future Events

As of now, Tom Selleck has no future events. But it’s expected that he already has pre-scheduled interviews and meetings to attend.

Social Media Pages

Like other celebrities and big personalities, Tom Selleck is too active on twitter from where he interacts with his followers and updates people about his future events.

Does Tom Selleck Have A Criminal Record?

Such a philanthropic person will never have a bad reputation. He has never been on the news for engaging himself in illegal or unfair activities. His record is clean.

Any Gossip

Gossips about sensations like Tom Selleck is always in the air. People remain curious to know more about their expensive and secret lifestyles and life incidents. A lot of baseless rumors can be heard about bTom Selleck, none of which is true. However, Tom Selleck has been in the news mostly after his divorce with his first wife and second marriage to Mack. He has mentioned that the secret to his successful and happy marriage in the second case is his wife, Mack. It’s also known that he briefly dated actress mini rogers for some time after his divorce. Selleck soon met Mack, his second wife soon after his break up with mini rogers.

Nevertheless, people have immense love and respect for this philanthropist actor.

What People Most Search For Him?

Being a national personality and popular face, people, look up to him as their inspiration. His philanthropic activities have inspired many to work for social causes and helping out the poor and needy.

Companies Owned

He is the chairperson of several organizations that work towards fulfilling a social cause. He is the chairperson of the skin cancer foundation. Also, he is one of the prominent board members of the Josephine and Edna Josephine institute of ethics.

Political Views

Being a successful actor, of course, his life remains occupied with pre-scheduled meetings and interviews and shooting days. We still find little participation in the politics of his country. He isn’t an active political activist, though. Selleck has been a spokesperson and a member of the board of directors of the national rifle association. However, he resigned from his post on 18 September 2018. Selleck was featured in television advertising for national review.

During the 2016 presidential election, neither did he support Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump, but was deeply touched by the leadership exhibited by chief David brown in 2016 Della’s police shooting.

Famous Friends

Charlton Heston has been a dear friend of Tom Selleck. However, he is with us no more. Apart from Heston, no such dear ones of Selleck us known to us. But being a warm-hearted individual, Selleck maintains good relations with his friends, family, and followers.

Tom Selleck

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Several interesting facts about the lifestyle and life facts of Tom Selleck is hardly known to us. It will be interesting for his fan followers to know such unknown facts about his life. Let’s see some of them

  • He has served his country under the California army national guard during the Vietnam war from 1967 to 1973.
  • Tom Selleck was initially offered to play the role of Indiana Jones in the raiders to the lost ark. He wanted his marriage with Mack to be a private one. Hence, in 1987 both married each other in a 24-hour wedding church near Lake Tahoe in Nevada.
  • While being at the University of Southern California, Selleck had been an active player in its basketball team.
  • In the romantic comedy three men and a baby, Selleck acted opposite to ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg.
  • The success of his show helped Selleck in strengthening his position in Hollywood.

Career Highlights

Selleck has been an easily available actor but got little attention from the entertainment industry. As we know, his magnum opus was his lead role in Magnum, P.I., as Thomas magnum.

Even since his debut in the film industry, he has appeared in over 50 films and tv roles, including Mr. Baseball, Quigley Down under, three men and a baby, and Lassiter. On the Friends’ show and tv series las vegas, he was featured ad Richard Burke and A.J. Cooper, respectively. Tom Selleck also performed a lead role in the T.V. Western movie, the Sacketts, the plot of which was based on two books written by Louis L’amour.

Besides being a successful actor and also a veteran, Selleck has been an active philanthropist. He is a member of several organizations across the globe that works towards meeting several social causes. He was the director of the skin cancer foundation and a speaker for the Los Angeles mission that aimed to help the homeless people. For his contributions, he has been the receiver of the honorary doctor of laws degree from Pepperdine University. He has even served as a national spokesperson for the character counts together with Barbara Jordan. Also, he is a speaker for the national fatherhood initiative. Presently, Selleck is one of the board members of the Josephine and Edna Josephson Institute of ethics.


Selleck is a successful beach and indoor volleyball player. He plays as the exterior hitter for the outrigger canoe club in Honolulu. Dennis Berg, another player of the same club, has mentioned in his interviews that tom Selleck was an experienced and talented player in their group, dedicated, practicing, and playing hard whenever he could get time out of thus schedules. He maintained good relations with everyone in the club and the crowd outside. Apart from being an accomplished volleyball player, Tom Selleck js also an avid ice hockey fan. He has been attending Los Angeles sports at the Staples Center. It is known that Anže Kopitar and Alexander Frolov are two of his favorite players. His favorite basketball team ever since he was small is Detroit Tigers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Magnum PI worth?

The Magnum PI is worth $1,000.

What is Tom Selleck worth 2020?

Tom Selleck is worth $60 million.

Who is the highest paid actor on Blue Bloods?

Tom Selleck

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